Patricia Bostlet

MHC, Intern

People seek mental health counseling for a variety of reasons, such as for relief from anxiety, sadness, or loss. Others might feel disconnected or stuck in patterns of unsatisfying or difficult relationships. Wherever you are in life, I appreciate the courage it takes to work through challenges.

I am interested in empowering people to express themselves more openly, feel more connected, and enhance capacities for a more authentic life. In my work, I strive to co-create an environment of trust and respect through a collaborative and flexible approach. I believe that healing occurs when individuals can safely reflect on the ways they relate with others, the world, and with themselves.

Emotional pain can signal that one is called upon to make changes or understand things through a new perspective. Against the backdrop of that pain, therapy can be a deeply impactful, supportive and rewarding experience, and I would be honored to work with you."


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