Nancy's Headshot

Nancy F. Gallagher, M.A.


As a Loss and Grief Counselor I see clients who are dealing with issues and emotions that seem to make no sense. Together we explore the complexities of living with loss and the feelings that accompany that loss. Loss comes in many forms. Often we think of loss in terms of losing a loved one to death. However, throughout the life cycle loss occurs in many ways. I work with people experiencing loss through death, illness, loss of employment, loss of one's home or living situation, termination of a relationship or any other life circumstance that creates situations of sadness and grieving.  We look for ways to find hope and healing through the grief and sadness. When loss occurs the entire body, mind and soul are affected. I believe in a holistic approach to grieving and healing and one that offers the client an ability to move through all stages of the grieving process. After a loss there is a tendency to want to put grieving on the back burner in an attempt to get back to “life as usual.” When grief is put on hold, unresolved feelings of loss continue to weave their way into our lives. I am also a Spiritual Director/Companion and meet with individuals who are interested in moving toward a deeper adult relationship between God and self. I am trained in Focusing and use this modality with clients who wish to access their bodily felt sense of situations that are often complicated and unpredictable. Accessing one's bodily felt sense of a situation can be a valuable tool for moving forward.


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