Maria's Headshot

Maria Swanson, M.A. MHC


As a Mental Health Counselor, I strive to see the unique strengths embodied in each person I encounter. I work primarily through a relational lens; this means that I value the relationship I build with each client, while also focusing on how people relate to themselves and others in varied contexts. I draw from relational-cultural therapy, multicultural psychology, person-centered counseling, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness approaches to counseling while utilizing strategies from other treatment philosophies. In every case, I aim to empower those around me and help them realize and develop their personal values and strengths.

I work primarily with adults of all ages in both individual and couples counseling to provide support and healing for issues related to family and relationship difficulties, interpersonal and intrapersonal boundaries, self-worth, depression, anxiety, grief, continued identity development, impactful life changes, and contextual barriers. Above all else, my goal is to always approach counseling with humility since each individual I meet has their own history, experiences, and perspectives. I view it to be an endless task to check my own assumptions of others and greet people with an open mind and heart. I encourage clients to be open with me as well, and I strive to create a space where my clients will feel comfortable challenging me and asking questions that may arise at any point during counseling.


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