Highsmith's headshot

Highsmith Rich, M.A. MHC


As a clinician, my focus is on empowering my clients to feel confident and competent to understand the roots of their difficulties in order to make real and lasting changes. I acquired my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College and my specialties include couples counseling and mediation, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and LGBTQ identity development. Utilizing a myriad of theories including Relational-cultural, mindfulness, CBT, and Feminist therapy, I aid clients by helping them understand solution-focused approaches to life’s many challenges. I work with all ages, specializing in work with teens, young adults, and couples in various stages of their relationship. A Certified Options Counselor, my expertise lies in the intersection of mental health and advocacy. I am sex-positive, trans- and non-binary-inclusive, supportive of poly and kink relationships, and culturally competent working with people whose backgrounds differ from mine. You are the expert on your own life, my job as your therapist is to provide an extra set of eyes and insights into how to improve your quality of life.


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