Erin Kilbury, M.A. MHC


As a mental health counselor, I aim to develop a clear and compassionate understanding of my clients. I believe that effective and lasting change in therapy is a collaborative, multidimensional process. To assist this process, I draw from clinical training in emotion-focused cognitive-behavioral therapies, mindfulness, meditation, and body-based therapies. While reduction of acute symptoms is an immediate goal, I strive to foster an open and supportive relationship that empowers people to better understand their emotions and connect to sources of wellness and well-being beyond the presenting problem. I work with people on a variety of issues including moving through and coping with grief, loss, trauma, transitions, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, sport and performance related issues, relationship difficulties, and enhancing wellness.

I received my master’s degree from Boston College and have been teaching and studying yoga as a system of wellness for over a decade. Alongside my clinical work, I teach meditation to high schoolers, and work in research to advance the understanding, prevention, and treatment of suicide and self-harm behaviors at Harvard University. I offer psychotherapy for individuals of all ages, couples, and families and people from a variety of backgrounds and I welcome the opportunity to connect!


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