During Covid-19

MDCS Offers Teletherapy:

man in living room connects on phone and computer

MDCS continues to be a supportive and therapeutic environment for those in need during these difficult times. We responded to the COVID-19 crisis immediately and now offer telehealth as an alternative therapy service. We have found there are many advantages to this method of therapy and our clinicians will work directly with you via video or phone, depending on what method is available for you to use. Some therapists are now offering limited in-person sessions at our offices based on the comfort level of the therapist and client. Please contact your therapist directly to learn more about whether they are offering in-person sessions and to learn more about the safety procedures we are practicing. Maria Droste Counseling Services follows any mandates through crisis times according to the City of Quincy and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. See helpful resource links below.

Call us at (617) 471-5686 if you need help reclaiming your sense of calm.

Meghan Earle, an MDCS counselor shares some tips on how to deal with anxiety around crisis:

Please visit these relevant and helpful links to learn more about COVID-19, its symptoms, and prevention techniques.

  1. The CDC website 
  2. The DPH website
  3. The City of Quincy website