Brittany's Headshot

Brittany Blake, MPH, M.A., MHC


I am a clinician with both a background in Public Health and Mental Health Counseling. I first got my Masters in Public Health from Boston University, with a focus on the health disparities of minorities, women, and children. Through this work I was able to expand my knowledge and awareness of adverse health outcomes, and how different populations are affected. My professional experience as a counselor aligns with this, and has been focused on empowering individuals. I attended Suffolk University and obtained my Masters in Mental Health Counseling with specialties in substance use, relationship therapy, and mindfulness. I work with a diverse population of clients including children, adolescents, adults, and couples to combat symptoms of depression, relationship issues, anxiety, trauma, and more. My therapeutic style is focused around the individual and what outcomes and goals are important to them. I feel that the most critical keys in a counseling relationship are trust, empathy, and support. However, the most important is that the client feels comfortable. I am so thankful to be a part of Maria Droste, where I truly feel that the community empowers therapists and clients to find the best therapeutic fit. 


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