MDCS Welcome Program

What is the MDCS “Welcome Program”?

Maria Droste Counseling Services know only too well the harm that substance use problems (and other compulsive behaviors like gambling) can cause individuals, couples and their families. We have designed a “Welcome Program” specifically for those who wonder if substance use and other addiction issues are indeed impacting their lives and how change can happen NOW. This time-limited psycho-educational group runs once a week on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for 90 minutes.

Many of the questions people ask include:

  • “How do I know if I have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs?”
  • “How can change happen and is it too late?”
  • “Why does my spouse/family member or loved one use drugs/alcohol or gamble despite how upset I am that they do?”
  • “Why do I do this to myself and hurt others I love?”
  • “How did I get here?”

Who would find this program most helpful?

  • Program offered to men and women, 18 + who are at risk of or concerned that addiction is having an impact in any ONE area of their lives (physical, work, legal, social, family etc…). Education is the first step to understanding ourselves and why we do what we do.
  • Those who want to reduce the harm addiction can cause individuals and their families, especially for those experiencing legal or family issues.
  • Those who want to reach out to their families, peers, and co-workers to promote a healthier life-style in order to ensure healthier families and communities.

Program would best suit:

  • Individuals referred by probation, RMV or DCF, who have identified substance use issues on intake and are awaiting assignment of therapist at MDCS.
  • Individuals and family members who are interested in treatment and recovery but who are not sure where to start.
  • Individuals not ready yet to commit to treatment/ regular counseling or fellowship support groups (like AA/Al-Anon) but who want to explore if substance use issues are impacting their lives enough to access further help and support.
  • A person in recovery (from their own or another’s addiction) who wants to learn more about addiction and how to make good choices or make some changes further in their lives.
  • Anyone in the community who works with or supports individuals or families struggling with substance use issues/addiction.
  • Anyone who has lived with addiction and believes their lives are still being impacted even though they no longer live with or spend time with the person who is/was addicted (Parent, Grandparent, Carer).

What will I get from this program?

  • An understanding of what addiction is, how it occurs & the impact it has (health, financial, legal etc…).
  • An opportunity to reduce shame and guilt in families/individuals. (“no-blame” policy)
  • Discover how you can begin to make changes.
  • Explore what treatment and recovery options look like and how to access them.
  • A certificate of completion upon attendance at all five sessions will be offered but attendance does not have to be concurrent. If a session missed, an opportunity to complete the missed session will be offered.

What do I need to do?

  • Call 617-471-5686 to inquire about the group
  • There is no sobriety time minimum requirement for this program but we do ask all who attend (even those for whom substance use is not an issue) to avoid using alcohol or drugs on the day of the session they attend. Anyone who appears to be under the influence will be asked to return for the next session for their own well-being.

How much does it cost?

Each group session costs $50 or $250 for the five week program. We will negotiate a lower fee based on your ability to pay as is our mission. We ask that you pay what you can afford. Higher payments help us meet our expenses for the year.  You may pay for the entire 5 week program  at the first session or at the beginning of each session. No one will be refused services due to an inability to pay.

 Call us for more information or to complete your intake today:


 Recovery and Healing is Possible

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