Healing for Families Group

This four-session group, repeated quarterly throughout the year, focuses on families, caregivers, and loved ones affected by substance use of a family member who is included in the group as part of a systemic approach towards addressing issues families deal with in grappling with relapse, recovery, legal issues and how to move forward. The general outline of each of the four weeks is:

Process of Healing and Change  –  Introduction, setting the tone/rules; What is involved in healing? How do we know if progress is being made?

Boundaries and Communication  –  How to know what boundaries to set ; Setting expectations; Following through (behavior and consistency); Considerations for changing boundaries

Balancing Consistency and Compassion  –  How to draw avoid enabling and continue following through with boundaries in hardest times (e.g. when you notice change occuring, may want to be more lenient or reward BUT what does that do to consistency and clarity of expectations… does it send mixed messages);  How to do “tough love”  Example: loved one relapses.

Balancing Compassion and Tough Love  –  Reflections;   Put into practice – problem solving encountered problems;   Complexity of enacting knowledge learned → what does it actually look like;   Lingering questions

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