Maria Droste Internship Program

Social Work – Clinical Focus

Maria Droste Counseling Services has been a site for training of graduate students in Social Work and Mental Health Counseling since 1995. Students from many different schools such as Boston University School of Social Work, Boston College School of Social Work, Northeastern University, Wheelock College, Cambridge College, University of Massachusetts, Lesley University, Bridgewater State University and Eastern Nazarene College have trained at our agency. Each year, one or two graduate students work 2-3 days per week to complete their field education requirement. These students are supervised by a licensed clinician who guides them in their clinical work with clients in the areas of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Students have the opportunity to work with clients who present with a wide range of diagnoses and have been exposed to numerous environmental stressors throughout their lives. At Maria Droste Counseling Services, we provide a rich learning experience where students can enhance their clinical skills and have the opportunity to be an important part of the day-to-day operations of a small counseling agency.

Social Work – Macro Focus

This type of internship is for students interested in learning a systemic approach to intervention. Rather than the focus being “client oriented” the focus is “systems oriented.” It is an opportunity to make changes on a system level which eventually can result in the good for the individual and family. It is social work performed to benefit communities; to advocate for the underserved; to develop and implement policies and learn to administer human services. Depending on the interest of the student they will learn the practice of social work on the community, group and/or organizational level.