Maria Droste Internship Program

Good Shepard Nov 11

Master’s Level Outpatient Therapist Internship – Clinical Focus

Maria Droste Counseling Services has been a site for training of graduate-level students since 1995 who are seeking a September to May internship doing Outpatient Mental Health therapy in a clinical setting. Students from many different schools like Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Wheelock College, Cambridge College, University of Massachusetts, Lesley University, Bridgewater State University and Eastern Nazarene College have trained at our agency. Each year, two or three graduate student Interns work 2-3 days per week (in accordance with their school’s requirements) to complete their field education.

At Maria Droste Counseling Services, we provide a rich learning experience where our interns can enhance their clinical skills and have the opportunity to be an important part of the day-to-day operations of a small counseling agency. Interns are supervised by a licensed therapist who guides them in their clinical work with clients beginning with assessment and diagnosis, and throughout all phases of the treatment cycle including termination of a client’s chart after therapy has ended. Interns have the opportunity to work with clients who present with a wide range of diagnoses, life stressors, and relationship issues. Our interns have the opportunity to interact with all of our clinical staff who, to a person, welcome the interns and invite them to sit in on sessions with them so they can gain experience seeing multiple therapists’ skill-sets and styles, and to answer questions and provide resources for the intern.

Our internship program has three foci: The clinical interactions with and treatment of clients; the writing of Diagnostic Assessments, Treatment Plans, and Progress Notes with clarity, accuracy, and the right amount of information that is respectful of clients while also being helpful to other providers; and being part of a team of staff in a non-profit environment which means being included in the ebb and flow of daily activities of the staff, providing interns the opportunity to be a part of the team. The goal of our internship program is to produce competent therapists who, by internship’s end, could be hired by us or any agency, working full time with a full caseload and be able to handle the paperwork requirements. Two of every three interns stay on as a volunteer or part-time staff after their internship is over. They stay on because they embrace our mission, have become competent therapists, and were treated well.