About Us

 Our Values, Vision & Mission Statement


At the heart of Maria Droste Counseling Services are four VALUES that provide the foundation of our Mission:
Acceptance, Respect, Compassion and Healing

Acceptance of oneself is the cornerstone of the ability to respect oneself so that one can respect others, which allows for compassionate action and promotes healing. We live these values first in ourselves so that we can hopefully be a healing presence for our clients by our demeanor, words, and actions. These are the values cultivated, practiced, and lived by our founders, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, and we are privileged to follow in their footsteps and continue their example. Our individual training as mental health professionals and holistic healers is strengthened by this active, embodied foundation of lived-values. We cannot offer compassion to anyone if we ourselves do not live compassion, first, in ourselves.

All of this works together to support our VISIONBringing Hope to Life

Mission Statement: “To provide professional counseling and holistic therapies with respect and compassion so that each person may recognize his/her individual worth and find reconciliation with oneself and with others.”